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We would like to keep in touch with our former scholarship holders, independently from where they live and work today. If you are based in Jordan, Lebanon or Iraq and you would like to be part of our regional network of alumni and stay informed about events and special programs, please register here

Please find here some first hand impressions that our alumni would like to share:


I believe, such an opportunity is a unique touching experience that changed my life.

- Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli
  • President of German Jordanian University
  • Professor
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • German Jordanian University

“I received a DAAD scholarship, Sandwich program, in 2005 to conduct my PhD research at the Institute of Micro technology at the Technical University Braunschweig (TU BS) in Germany. The focus of my work was on the simulation and development of a viscous micro-pump for different applications. I finished my PhD in 2007 then worked as a research associate and lecturer at the TU BS till 2013. This opportunity opened for me the doors to work in high ranked institutions with top notch scholars and research groups. It enhanced my communication, leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurial skills. I believe, such an opportunity is a unique touching experience that changed my life, my personality, my commitment and passion to research and society and opened a new world to me.”

It was an extraordinary experience from different perspectives.

- Sana’ Al-Zyoud
  • Professor
  • Applied Earth and Environmental Sciences Department
  • Al Al-Bayt University

“I received a DAAD-scholarship to finish my PhD degree in Geothermal Sciences and Technology at Technische Universität Darmstadt in the period between 2008 and 2012. I did my thesis on a prospective geothermal cooling and heating potential for several infrastructures in Jordan. I decided to study abroad because I was mainly interested in exploring a new lifestyle. It was an extraordinary experience from different perspectives; the new scientific research pathway which we partly miss it in Jordan, as well as the structured daily life everywhere in the city and the university as well.

In addition, getting in touch with Germans let you discover their culture and helps you practice the wonderful language. Living in Germany for about five years, made me stronger, wiser and a more powerful female scientist into the academia in Jordan. As a Jordanian PhD candidate I was a part of a global scientists’ group exchange in a German Institute. After a while, I started to build my own worldwide network with all my colleagues as an alumna, which developed my career as a professor. I will always be very thankful for having such a chance to learn more and to continue in my future academic projects in the field of geothermal sciences.”

Studying in Germany has opened my eyes to new levels and horizons.

- Sandy Qarmout
  • Research and programme development specialist at Queen Rania Foundation QRF

“I was so lucky to be selected for a full scholarship to study in this wonderful country, Germany. I studied the English speaking Master Course “Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (IUSD)” in Stuttgart University in the years 2011 to 2013. First of all, living in Stuttgart and being in the centre of Europe gave me a great chance to get to know people from all around the world, and to travel around with them to explore the rich German and European culture, history, nature and social life. Germany is well known for its organized systems and perfection, which I believe is so true, but maybe what you can also experience yourself there, is how kind, friendly, open, and exciting its people are. Studying there have opened my eyes to new levels and horizons of educational methods and styles, research skills, and sustainability measures one can take in his/her daily life. I also have also to mention how impressive and inspiring it is to live in a place that is extremely developed in public amenities and services (including public transportation, parks and swimming areas, and public events). After I came back to Jordan, I worked in different well-esteemed organizations handling different tasks, and whether directly related to what I have studied or not, I can say I would not be able to do them without the unique skills I have gained through the excellent faculty at Stuttgart University. Finally I have to admit how much I miss Germany, “my second home”, but I will definitely keep visiting whenever possible. “

The program was an excellent first step to learn about the industry and connect with it.

- Arabi Abdelhaq
  • Sales manager EMEA region at PI Berlin

“I enrolled in batch 2 of the master’s program REMENA on July 2010. I studied in Cairo, Kassel and did a master thesis related to Germany and Morroco. The program was an excellent first step to learn about the industry and connect with it. It provided enough technical knowledge for a kick start in the field. Learning a new language, getting professional work experience at the heart of the industry, and a chance to push one’s limits and make a home away from home. I started working at Fraunhofer institute for my master thesis, then DERlab. I worked after at GIZ for a development project for a year and thereafter joined Dii – Desertec Industrial Initiative with a base in Cairo. After that I joined Mounting Systems near Berlin and worked as a MENA sales manager for the structures business. Finally I am working now in PI Berlin which is a technical advisory,quality assessor and risk manager for PV plants and equipment.”

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