2021 Research project DUST STORM - Call for proposals

DUST-STORM is a joint research initiative in the field of aerosol and health research. The involved partners are the University of Rostock, the University of Potsdam, the Freie University of Berlin, SESAME in Jordan as well as Jordanian universities, and scientific organizations.

This call aims at identifying excellent young scientists at MSc level who graduated recently from a Jordanian university and are interested in doing a PhD in Germany within the DUST STORM project. Once selected, they will benefit from a matchmaking workshop with potential German supervisors and host institutions, and from support in finalizing their application for a PhD scholarship by the host institutions.

Eligible disciplines are physics, engineering, instrumental analytical chemistry, toxicology, molecular/cell biology, or comparable subjects. Fluent English proficiency is required.

If you are interested, please submit a short application by May 20th2021 to info@daad-jordan.org. The application must include a short CV (2 pages max) and a motivation letter/research proposal of 1 page maximum.

After a pre-selection, a web meeting will be held in early June 2021 for a final selection and matchmaking with potential host institutes. Successful candidates who receive DAAD funding can start with their PhD work in the DUST-STORM program in 2022.

Please note that the application for the DAAD PhD scholarship itself is independent from this call and must be handed in separately within the regular DAAD call by the end of August via the DAAD portal (see our scholarship database under https://bit.ly/3xaZWlI for further details).

List of Partners

German Partners

  • University of Potsdam, Germany (Prof. Föhlisch), associated partner Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
  • Frei Universität Berlin, Germany (Prof. Lips), associated partner Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin
  • University of Rostock, Germany (Prof. Zimmermann), associated partner Helmholtz Zentrum München

International cooperation

  • Helmholtz International Lab aeroHEALTH (spokesperson: Prof. Zimmermann)

Jordan Partners

  • SESAME, Jordan (Scientific Director Prof. Andrea Lausi)
  • Jordan Universities, to be identified matching individual Student Projects