PhD scholarships within  a joint (German-Jordanian) interdisciplinary initiative in the field of aerosol and health research including the training of excellent young Jordanians (MScLevel) within the framework of interrelated PhD-projects in Germany.

The topic is: "Inhalable airborne desert DUST: A comprehensive Study On physical micro-structure, chemical composition and Respiratory toxicity of fine Mineral and anthropogenic dust, leading to the acronym: DUST-STORM."

The project will involve the University of Rostock (Analytical Chemistry, Prof. Zimmermann), the University of Potsdam (Institute of Physics and Astronomy, Prof. Föhlisch), the Free University of Berlin (Experimental Physics, Prof. Lips), SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East, Prof. Andrea Lausi ) in Jordan and Jordanian Universities.

The idea is to train young Jordanian scientists (a maximum of 3 candidates in 2 consecutive years) supporting the current and future utilization of the SESAME infrastructure in Jordan.

After first joint publications bi-national research proposals shall be prepared.

Please find more detailed description of the initiative in this link:

Therefore, if you are an excellent young scientist at MSc level, who graduated recently (not longer than six years ago) from Jordan universities in physics, engineering, instrumental analytical chemistry, toxicology, molecular/cell biology or comparable subjects and are fluent in English please encourage them to submit a short application via email (subject DUST-STORM) by April 15th 2020 (cv + motivation letter of 1 page max) to DAAD Jordan (

After an initial selection (Web meeting and DAAD office in Amman) a meeting in Jordan is planned to finally select candidates and host institutes.

The date for the meeting will be announced in due course.

The candidates will be supported by the host institutes in finalizing their funding application for a DAAD scholarship which is due in August/September 2020.

Successful candidates who receive DAAD funding can then start with their PhD work in the DUST-STORM programme in 2021.

Let me emphasize: This is not a final selection for a DAAD-scholarship but for candidates to submit their application for a scholarship.

If you have further questions you can of course get in touch with DAAD Jordan ( or in case of any scientific questions please contact:

Prof. Dr. Ralf Zimmermann ( - chemical characterization, biological effects analysis

Prof. Dr. Alexander Föhlisch ( - physical characterization, Synchrotron methods

Prof. Dr. Klaus Lips ( - physical characterization, Electron spin resonance-methods) .