Life in Germany


Finding Accommodation

A very important part of your preparation for a stay in Germany is finding accommodation in the city you are going to live in. It is highly advisable to start your search for a room already in Jordan as it depends on several factors how easy it is to find housing. But if you need help regarding the search for accommodation you can contact the international office of your German host university as soon as you have a place for studying. They will be happy to assist you!

Normally each city in Germany with a university has at least one hall of residence for their students. But having a university place does not automatically go with having a place to live in the hall of residence since you need to apply for this kind of accommodation approximately one year before being in need of it. And also, having applied for a room does not guarantee you that you will get one. Therefore, you also have possibility of renting a private room which is quite common in Germany and also quite cheap.

The range of the rent for a room reaches from about 150 to 450 Euro depending on the location within Germany and within the chosen city as well as on the kind of room you are looking for. In general, it can be said that the bigger and more popular the chosen city is, the harder it can be to find an affordable room. Not only because of that you should choose the city and university in Germany careful and also think about going to a smaller town. But the costs for the rent can easily be compensated since there are almost no tuition fees in Germany.

What kind of accommodation you should choose depends on your personal preferences. An overview including a list of advantages and disadvantages of the different kinds of housing can be found here.

How to find accommodation

There are several ways for searching and finding suitable accommodation in Germany. You should already start looking for a room when you still are in Jordan. Here are some possibilities listed how to find one:

  • International office
    The international office at the place where you will be studying can tell you about vacancies in halls of residence and the application procedures. Some international offices are also able to put you in contact with private landlords.
  • Internet

    Meanwhile, the worldwide web offers also different opportunities to find accommodation.

    If you want to live in a shared flat (Wohngemeinschaft / WG) – which can be real fun and quite helpful – you should check . You can read the existing adverts and contact the person mentioned there directly via phone or e-mail or you can place an advert by your own. Due to the high turnover in the internet you should check the website on regular basis.

    The other very common way to find accommodation via the Internet is to register on a social network and to search in the relevant groups for finding and offering housing in the city of your interest. So you just need to search for the name of the city in combination with words like “Wohnungssuche” or “freie Zimmer”.


If you could not find accommodation in advance but only a kind of short term solution you should inquire the following on the spot:

  • Fellow students
    Ask your friends and fellow students if they know something that might help you to find a room.
  • Notice Boards
    The international office and student services put up large notice boards where notices searching for or offering accommodation, selling items etc. can be posted. You will also find notice boards in the department and the Mensa. Watch out for notice boards outside the institution, in supermarkets, student cafés and meeting places.
  • Newspapers
    Once or twice a week local newspapers print advertisements, including accommodation. You should get hold of the paper as early as possible. Inquire at the newspaper offices when housing adverts are included. As soon as you have selected potential adverts, ring the landlord and try to arrange a viewing appointment.
    It also cannot do any harm to place an advertisement yourself.
  • Agencies
    This channel is certainly the most expensive. Agents are allowed to charge 1 to 2.5 times the monthly rent for finding you somewhere to live and the fee is paid by the tenant. If you wish to use an agent please check that he or she is a member of one of the professional organizations (RDM, VDM, WOGE). Do not make any payments until the tenancy agreement has been signed.