Life in Germany


First steps and general information

Destination Germany

In this brochure you can find all the information you need about life in Germany. Kindly click on the picture!


Before coming to Germany

If you are planning a stay in Germany for studying you should take some time for the organization and should begin with it already in Jordan. Not only because Jordanian students need a student visa for studying in Germany. There are also several other things you should prepare and obtain early before going to Germany:

  • the notification of admission or confirmation of application
  • a passport valid for the entire period to be spent in Germany
  • if possible a confirmation of health insurance cover
  • vaccination certificates, if you have one. Check with the German mission whether you need any vaccinations
  • if possible an international driving license
  • recent passport photographs (at least 6)
  • proof of financial resources
  • student visa

Other hints for your preparation and the first steps in Germany are available here!

Student Visa

Jordanian students intending to enter the Federal Republic of Germany require a student visa, issued by a diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany in Jordan and entered into their passport.

More general information about visa for Germany can be found at the website of the German Embassy in Jordan.

For receiving a visa, Jordanian Students need to set up a special account in Germany, called blocked account ("Sperrkonto"). Besides other important information for students this leaflet of the German Embassy in Jordan provides an short explanation of this.

More information about student visa in general is available here and here!

The official homepage of the DAAD offers information about visa, too.

Arriving in Germany

While planning your journey you should try to ensure that you do not arrive at the weekend because banks and public administrative offices are closed from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. Shops usually close at about 4 o'clock on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday almost every shop is closed. You should also make sure that you do not only have Euro banknotes in large denominations in your pocket as they might be difficult to change.

The First Few Nights

The most comfortable solution is, of course, to organize your accommodation for Germany already in Jordan. How this can be done is explained here.

If you could not find a suitable accommodation from the beginning of your stay on, you should contact the international office at your host university regarding this topic already in Jordan. As in any other cases they will be happy to assist you. Ask them if there is any short term accommodation for such situations available or if they can recommend you a hotel, guest-house or youth-hostel. Kindly note that prices in hotels and guest-houses vary from place to place - as does the rent for accommodation. In fair centers like Frankfurt, Düsseldorf or Munich, prices are very high and in times of a fair, hotels are always fully-booked. In less well-known and smaller cities it will be cheaper and easier to find a suitable accommodation.

Further Help

In general you should keep in mind that the international office at your German host university will be happy to assist you and that you do not need to cope with the organizational commitment completely on your own. You just need to contact them!

For a better preparation you should also consider the website