Study in Germany



Depending on the institution and your country of origin, there are different ways to apply for admission to a German university.
The usual way, is to apply directly at the university of your choice. On the universitie's website, you will find all the important information about the application procedure, the application requirements and general information about the study programme.

However, some universities require, that you apply through "uni-assist". A list of Unis, which are associated with uni-assist, you will find here: Uni-Assist Members

General information about the modalities of enrollment can be found at the homepage of “Hochschulkompass” but usually, you get them directly from your the website of your chosen university or the associated international office.

Anyhow, in case you are a Tawjihi, HSD with SAT or AP Exams, IB Diplima or IG Student and want to inform yourself about the steps towards a successfull enrollment in a German university. Just click on the picture and download the document: