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The staff of the Information Center Amman says hello to everybody! You are most welcome to visit us for a personal talk. Please heed the following piece of advice: We have our councelling hours every Monday and Wednesday from 11:00 am - 01:00 pm. If you cannot make it during the official counseling hours individual appointments are also possible upon request. See you soon!

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If you have an inquiry or question, please feel free to contact us via this email:


Gabriele von Fircks

Director of the IC Amman

Gabriele von Fircks has started her work as the director of DAAD Information Center Amman in March 2017.

She has been working for DAAD for a long time. Before coming to Jordan, she was the Head of Section "Programme for Development Cooperation in DAAD Headquarter in Bonn, Germany.

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Lara Al-Bairuti

Counselling Officer

Lara Al-Bairuti completed her B.Sc. in German as a foreign Language at the German Jordanian University. She was a DAAD's Scholarship holder for several times.

She worked as a Tour Coordinator in one of the Travel agencies in Jordan and is now working fulltime as a councelling officer at the DAAD IC Amman.



Our team is responsible for supervising the scholarship holders of the running JOSY Programme for Young Syrians and Jordanians. We will be happy to help you if you have any questions concering the programme. 

If you have an inquiry or question to the JOSY Team, please send an email to: perspectives@daad-jordan.org (JOSY Programme)

Amani Kassis Mitri

Program Officer

Amani Kassis Mitri has a B.A Degree in Hotel Management from Bethlehem University and worked at NGO’s for many years.

She is now working fulltime as a program officer at the DAAD IC Amman.


Nadia I. Shugair

Program Officer 

Nadia Shugair has completed her B.A. studies in modern  languages from Yarmouk  University and has worked since then for various international NGOs in Jordan.

She is now working fulltime as a program officer at the DAAD IC Amman.

Final office map
Final office map

Physical address:

DAAD Information Center Amman

Jordan University, North Gate

2nd Investment Building/ 4th Floor

Ahmad Al-Tarawneh St.

Jubeiha, Amman