Scholarships for Jordanians


Scholarships for Jordanians

In case there is NO scholarship available for your studies:

Please have a look at (which lists scholarships and funding from other organizations).

Also bear in mind that there are almost no tuition fees in Germany. Which means that Germany is not only one of the most sought after study destinations in the world but at the same time one of the affordable destinations even without funding from DAAD or any other organization as you only need to assure your living expenses which are similar to those in Jordan.

Contact our TEAM!

Further information concerning requirements and application procedures can be obtained via contacting our Team per email

The DAAD scholarship portfolio for Jordan 

The DAAD scholarship portfolio for Jordan includes scholarships for Master and PHD Programmes as well as a few other scholarship opportunities.

All scholarship opportunities can be found via the database

Kindly note that the DAAD does NOT offer any scholarships for Bachelor Programmes. "except for BA Translation program at the German Jordanian University (see below - other scholarship opportunities)"

M.Sc./M.A. Scholarships:

  • Postgraduate Scholarships for Studying in the Fields of Artistic Fields
  1. Architecture (deadline Sep. 30th)
  2. Music (deadline Oct. 15th)
  3. Performing Arts (deadline Oct. 31st)
  4. Fine Arts, Film, Design/Visual Communication and Film (deadline Nov. 30th)


Other scholarship opportunities: